Golf Fitness: Core

Golf Fitness: Core

In golf injury prevention and fitness, the core is the most important area.
But what is the core? The core is made up of the muscle groups in the front (Rectus abdominus (abs)), the side (Obliques), the back (Erector spinae), the buttocks and the hamstings.

The twisting motion of your core is known as torque. This type of torque puts great strees on the lower back (Lumbar spine) area. Before starting a core exercise program, learn how to do the the abdominal brace.

You can use the abdominal brace in these exercises and in your swing itself:

Plank:With your toes or knees on the ground, extend your body to its full length and rest either on your palms or forearms, holding your body straight while flexing your abs and glutes. Hold for between 15 to 60 seconds. Do at least 3 sets.

Side bridge: On your knees or on the side of your foot, place your elbow on the ground and make your body straight, flexing your abs and buttocks. Hold for between 15 to 60 seconds. Do at least three sets.

All fours: On all fours (knees and palms) with your knees and hands slightly farther from each other than your shoulders and hips. Extend your arms and legs one at a time or, if your balance is good enough, opposite arms and legs at the same time. Extend your limbs fully when you do this. Once again hold for 10+ seconds and do 3 sets.

These exercises over the course of one or two months result in massive gains in distance and accuracy in your shots.

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