Activating Your Transverse Abdominal/Abdominal Brace


An abdominal brace is performed by contracting the abs, lower back and buttock  muscles at the same time. This is how it’s done.

Stand upright and place one hand over the small of your back and one hand on your abs.
Bend forward and feel your lower back muscles contract.
Return to upright posture and feel the muscles relax.
Without bending forward, flex your abs and buttock.  You will feel the lower back contract  when you do this.
Another way to feel the brace is to blow out  as if extinguishing a candle, you will feel the contraction in all 3 of the muscle groups.

When all of these muscles work together,  a super stiffness occurs, causing them to stabilize and protect the spine and discs. This procedure is very important to do before activities requiring core stability, such as bending, twisting, running, jumping, kicking or punching. Basically, just sucking in your belly is not enough. Unless it is absolutely necessary,  do not hold your breath during the exercise.

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