Proper Standing Posture

Not only is standing with proper posture more healthy in the long run, it will also help you maintain strength and energy, making you able to work (or play) longer and more effectively.

When standing, it’s important to be balanced. The keys to being balanced are as follows:

  1. Point toes straight ahead with feet parallel and slightly staggered, a few inches inside shoulder width.
  2. Draw in buttock and stomach.
  3. Push the chest out and the shoulders back, with a straight head, extending neck up but not tensing it.
  4. Keep knees slightly bent.

It is most important that your spine is in the natural “S” curve, a natural and at ease position.

When standing, watch for these common mistakes:

proper spinal curviture

Proper spinal curvature.

  1. A tilted, protruding, or retracted head.
  2. Rounded shoulders or upper back.
  3. An arched lower back.
  4. A sagging stomach or protruding buttock.
  5. Locked knees.

In order to maintain the correct position these are key steps:

  1. Keep your head directly over your shoulders and pelvis.
  2. Prop one foot up on a box if you are standing in one place for an extended period of time, alternating feet every 20 minutes.
  3. Bend your knees only a little bit.
  4. Take breaks whenever possible.
  5. Make sure your muscles are not held rigid.

A side note…
These postural improvements may feel strange at first, but you will soon enjoy the adjustments and reap the benefits of them.

Important for strength and energy, these improvements to posture are crucial. Don’t slack!

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